Proteus® is the leading designer and manufacturer of Rainscreen Cladding Systems for building envelopes specializing in optically flat Honeycomb Bonded Rainscreens. Our Rainscreen Cladding Systems can utilise an extensive range of materials such as Copper, Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Aluminum. The use of honeycomb within our Proteus® panel systems delivers a lightweight, high strength, exceptionally flat, cost effective solution, allowing Architects and Designers alike the ability to create and deliver unique, eye catching and award winning projects.

Ventilated curtain wall façade system with controured or flat metal panels in natural or painted finshes.

Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate


 3-Part Specifications

Ventilated curtain wall façade system with cavity depths ranging from 2" to 13"
 CAD Details

The diversity of finishes and colors available for the Proteus system offers a vast range of design options. Specializing in natural metals such as zinc, copper and stainless steel.
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 Materials and Finishes
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Spans of up 15' or greater possible.

Ventilated façade system with structural, air and water testing.


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