Thermafiber RainBarrier (mineral wool insulation)
Thermafiber® mineral wool products contribute to sustainability, energy conservation, green building, and up to 13 LEED® credit categories. Our insulation is manufactured with a minimum 70% post-industrial recycled content.

Adding insulation to a building is the most cost effective way to conserve energy and reduce Greenhouse Gas and carbon emissions. In addition to being the most cost effective, it has the largest impact on emission reductions. Click here to learn more about the impact of adding insulation. Mineral wool insulation offers a nominal R-Value of 4.2 per inch of thickness and can be installed outboard of the building's air and water barrier.

R-Guard (Extreme Air & Water Barriers)

R-Guard air barrier systems stop air leakage through wall structures, rough openings, sheathing seams, and material transitions making your building air tight. And an air tight building is an energy efficient building. That’s why buildings that meet the world’s toughest energy efficiency requirements use R-Guard. The Bullitt Center , considered the world’s greenest commercial building, selected R-Guard Cat 5/FastFlash for it’s air and water barrier system.


The patented R-stud is the lightest, quietest, strongest, most cost effective, energy saving metal building stud available on the market today. 
R-stud is interchangeable with conventional metal framing systems.  It is manufactured with supplemental flanges (openings) every foot that make it much stronger than conventional steel studs.  The larger openings also allow for quick and easy installation of utilities. R-stud saves labor and materials and will therefore reduces the overall construction cost of each project. Faster. Reduced job cost.  

The acoustical test results prove R-stud’s performance to be significantly higher than generic steel studs. R-stud can achieve a 50 STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 50 with just one layer of 5/8 inch Type X gypsum on each side, beating generic steel studs by 9 points! 22%!
 The R-stud significantly outperformed the generic steel stud, including greater load capacity, higher limiting wall heights, better acoustical ratings, higher R-values and faster installation.

Nvelope (Thermally Broken Cladding Support)

Our adjustable brackets support nearly any type of cladding. All systems are thermally broken and provide maximum ease of adjustability- up to 1.5 inches of adjustment with no shims!

Thermal Predictability- Nvelope systems minimize thermal bridging and offer complete 3D thermal modeling? Meeting today's Energy Codes requires a strategy that nearly always includes insulation on the exterior side of the structural wall.