DAIMLER Trucks Corp HQ (Portland, OR)

ANKROM MOISAN Architects (Portland, OR)

Products Specified-
ArGeTon Terracotta

ArGeTon terracotta from Telling Architectural in Carrera White tiles and a custom fabricated terracotta cap profile was specified for the exterior facade.

An exterior insulated sub-framing system supported the clay tiles and reduced thermal bridging to satisfy Portland's stringent Energy Code requirements. A complete facade mock-up was completed prior to installtion to ensure details would come together as expected.

Terracotta rainscreen provides the added benefit of being a "dry system". Tested to ASTM E330 standards with no selant joints or gaskets make this system virtually maintenance free with the exception of washing pollutants from the facade as needed.

In addition to providing a low-maintenance facade solution, terracotta is an enduring materialused on buildings that last well over 50 years.

Facade mock-upĀ  constructed by Western Partitions